Welcome to the website of the Municipality of Rhodes !

From January 2011, the 10 municipalities of the island merged into one within the framework of the “Kallikrati” project. Therefore, the Municipality of Rhodes embraces the entire island and offers its services to all of the inhabitants and visitors to Rhodes.

The new Municipality of Rhodes, with an area of 140,874 hectares and approximately 117,000 inhabitants, is the most dynamic island municipality and the ninth largest in population in the country.

Endowed with a long and glorious history, exceptional natural beauty and a developed infrastructure for tourism, Rhodes justifiably ranks among the top tourist destinations in the country.

The new website of the Municipality of Rhodes has multiple goals:

- that every action of the local authority and the services of the municipality will appear on the site, in the interest of transparency
- that useful information be provided and the possibility for electronic governance be developed.

A precondition for active citizenship is to have complete and accurate information. Through our website a citizen may be able to gain yet another forum for dialogue and communication with the Municipality, because for the local authority communication with the citizens is a priority and a necessity.

In addition, this website contains and will continue to be enriched with new, informative material regarding tourism and culture, so as to serve as a useful tool for all those interested in our island.

Stathis Kousournas
Mayor of Rhodes
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